Welcome to Temp Mail

Temp Mail is an online website which allows you to create a disposable email address that will automatically deleted after a certain period of time. Now a days if we want to post comment, view an articles or download any files many website like forums, blog or any Wifi network, ask us our email address, once we input they uses our emails to send us spam messages. To protect your email you can always use our service. If you heard about 10minutemail, fake mail, trash mail, tempmailaddress or tempmail then you should also know the mail are received very fast on our server.

Temp Mail a tool to use on the internet

Life online, great since its inception. All kinds of content available to each of the users from videos, series to social networks that foster personal social relationships with others in this way we can say that the Internet is the future of our society. Where today we can get everything. The problem is as follows, many of the pages we need to enter require a registration. Why?

Well, since its inception these records have been used to save important user data on the platform, not only data such as your name or your password, which is the most typical request. But it also allows them to maintain full control of what you do on their platform, how long, and at what specific times. These are few examples of what companies can know thanks to a record. Thanks to this, the service of all pages improves every day, companies strive to know the patterns of their users and that way they will know what to improve, what they like and what they don't. In this way we all win, they have more reputation and we have better experience when it comes to sailing.

But the truth is that many of these pages fill our emails with junk content or what is better called “Spam” thanks to this, when we have to enter our favorite e-mail to look for something important we will find many times with emails Unwanted in our inbox. Among which you can highlight notifications or unnecessary promotions.

You might be wondering about solution right?

The best solution for this is the great temp mail platforms, which will allow you to register on all internet pages without risking your mail to fill up with junk content that you don't want to have :D. These platforms provide you with an email address for a limited time, with which at that time you can register on multiple pages or receive emails without giving your personal. This way you can guarantee a clean and spam-free email.

Another advantage that I have not mentioned is that when you use this email you are protecting your identity and your privacy in general. Thanks to this, it will be very difficult for the company in which you have registered to do an exhaustive follow-up. This point is important since many people, if not all. We take our privacy on the Internet seriously.

Remember to register with these emails on pages that are not important or do not need answers later. These emails normally when they expire are not given back to anyone else for any reason. You can be sure that nobody will steal your account, but in case you need to recover it. You won't be able to easily either. So use it with caution. For this and many more reasons you should use temp mail on pages that you need to use momentarily. Just as I tell you, you will have great advantages regarding your privacy and the cleanliness of your email.​